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Writing a Good Job Description for Hiring Core Java Developers

As a Development Manager or a Team Lead, you often need to write up Job Descriptions which include a brief description of the Team, and the Role’s responsibilities. Some people also include a description of the company, but I usually … Continue reading

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The Lehman Brothers Experience…

I originally published this article on my personal blog “Just another stream of random bits…”, back in September 2008, a few days after the now famous Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Today being the 7th anniversary of the bankruptcy, I was … Continue reading

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Another Class In the JAR, Part 1

Another Class In the JAR, Part 1 I wrote this back when I was a lowly Senior Developer at Lehman Brothers. When I write code, both, now and back then, I listen to music, usually Metallica or Pink Floyd, and … Continue reading

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How to Share your Starbucks Smart Phone Bar Code with your Significant Other

It’s pretty simple. Since the Bar Code is just a representation of your gift cards Serial Number, all you need to do is take a Screen Capture from your phone of the generated Starbucks Card Bar Code. If you do … Continue reading

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You’re Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally

This is a quote from the textbook we used in the Programming Languages course I took in college: “It is widely believed that the depth at which we can think is influenced by the expressive power of the language in … Continue reading

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Singletons and Factories of Singletons

A Singleton is a design pattern that allows for a One and ONLY One Object instance of a class  to be instantiated within the memory of a process using object oriented programming concepts. Maybe people will ask, well why can’t I use a … Continue reading

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The Classic Producer – Consumer Problem

One of the main questions that my team ask potential candidates during technical interviews, is the Producer – Consumer Problem. We have found over the years that this problem is one of the main issues we have with potential new … Continue reading

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SFEMS – Stable, Flexible, Extensible, Maintainable, Scalable

For the last 8 years that I have been giving my architects, tech leads, and developers their yearly performance reviews, I have been using the acronym “SFEMS”. Arguably you can say I should just be telling my architects and maybe tech leads that … Continue reading

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So, if you had your own t-shirt, what would your catch phrase say?

I recently participated in a company sponsored people strategy event, where I was part of a panel of leaders at various levels within my department. One of the questions posed to the Panel which we didn’t have an opportunity to … Continue reading

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The Evolution of RogueLogic Logos

This is actually a blog entry I posted on back in 2009: With the 10th anniversary of RogueLogic coming up, I thought it would be nice to quickly go over the evolution of the RogueLogic logos since the birth … Continue reading

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