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Master Map-Reduce Job – The One and Only ETL Map-Reduce Job you will ever have to write!

It’s fitting that my first article on Big Data would be titled the “Master Map-Reduce Job”. I believe it truly is the one and only Map-Reduce job you will every have to write, at least for ETL (Extract, Transform and … Continue reading

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Synthetic Transactions and Capability Monitoring of your Enterprise Architecture

Back in my days at Lehman Brothers, I was introduced to the concept of “Synthetic Transactions”. That is an automated action that is scheduled to execute periodically to monitor performance and availability of one of more components in your enterprise … Continue reading

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Lightweight User Reference Object for Securing APIs

Back in 2005, I was face with developing a Secure Set of APIs that could run in multiple deployment configurations. At the time we were heavily developing EJB’s, specifically Stateless Session Beans. We were also starting to deploy SOAP based … Continue reading

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Writing a Good Job Description for Hiring Core Java Developers

As a Development Manager or a Team Lead, you often need to write up Job Descriptions which include a brief description of the Team, and the Role’s responsibilities. Some people also include a description of the company, but I usually … Continue reading

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The Lehman Brothers Experience…

I originally published this article on my personal blog “Just another stream of random bits…”, back in September 2008, a few days after the now famous Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Today being the 7th anniversary of the bankruptcy, I was … Continue reading

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Another Class In the JAR, Part 1

Another Class In the JAR, Part 1 I wrote this back when I was a lowly Senior Developer at Lehman Brothers. When I write code, both, now and back then, I listen to music, usually Metallica or Pink Floyd, and … Continue reading

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How to Share your Starbucks Smart Phone Bar Code with your Significant Other

It’s pretty simple. Since the Bar Code is just a representation of your gift cards Serial Number, all you need to do is take a Screen Capture from your phone of the generated Starbucks Card Bar Code. If you do … Continue reading

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You’re Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally

This is a quote from the textbook we used in the Programming Languages course I took in college: “It is widely believed that the depth at which we can think is influenced by the expressive power of the language in … Continue reading

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Singletons and Factories of Singletons

A Singleton is a design pattern that allows for a One and ONLY One Object instance of a class  to be instantiated within the memory of a process using object oriented programming concepts. Maybe people will ask, well why can’t I use a … Continue reading

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The Classic Producer – Consumer Problem

One of the main questions that my team ask potential candidates during technical interviews, is the Producer – Consumer Problem. We have found over the years that this problem is one of the main issues we have with potential new … Continue reading

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