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Synthetic Transactions and Capability Monitoring of your Enterprise Architecture

Back in my days at Lehman Brothers, I was introduced to the concept of “Synthetic Transactions”. That is an automated action that is scheduled to execute periodically to monitor performance and availability of one of more components in your enterprise … Continue reading

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Lightweight User Reference Object for Securing APIs

Back in 2005, I was face with developing a Secure Set of APIs that could run in multiple deployment configurations. At the time we were heavily developing EJB’s, specifically Stateless Session Beans. We were also starting to deploy SOAP based … Continue reading

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Singletons and Factories of Singletons

A Singleton is a design pattern that allows for a One and ONLY One Object instance of a class  to be instantiated within the memory of a process using object oriented programming concepts. Maybe people will ask, well why can’t I use a … Continue reading

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SFEMS – Stable, Flexible, Extensible, Maintainable, Scalable

For the last 8 years that I have been giving my architects, tech leads, and developers their yearly performance reviews, I have been using the acronym “SFEMS”. Arguably you can say I should just be telling my architects and maybe tech leads that … Continue reading

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Question Posed: Cultivating Good System Architects

While on my latest trip to London, I was posed the question: “What does it take the cultivate good System Architects within you organization?” As I’m currently sitting in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse waiting for my flight back to the … Continue reading

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Data Record Request Framework

In this post we will discuss a framework which I have designed and implemented which is used to store and manage “Request Data” separately from the golden source or actual database. The root concept and benefit of this, is that … Continue reading

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Adapter Factory Design Pattern

It is often the case where Enterprise Application require one or more Vendor based products to be integrated into the home grown system. While sometimes useful, there are many issues that arise from simply embedding a product into your code. … Continue reading

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