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Nonna’s Eulogy

The Eulogy I gave at the Funeral of my Grandmother (Nonna in Italian) in January 2021: So, when I was thinking of what to say today, I was faced with a choice to either share my memories of Nonna, or … Continue reading

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Building a PC – Part 0

The first step in building a PC is deciding what kind of computer you actually need. This is why I have labeled this as Part 0 (Zero) instead of Part 1, as it really is a pre-step in your Custom … Continue reading

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Caesar Cipher in C

A simple C implementation of the Caesar Cipher. Supports full wrap around for Alpha Numerics. Does Modulus for shifts larger than 26 for Alphas and 10 for Digits. Background on Caesar Cipher:

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As a red blooded American Capitalist why read Karl Marx?

So some of you may be asking yourself why I have read Marx and why am I even willing to go see his statue while I’m in town in Berlin, the answer is simple: “Know thy self, know thy enemy. … Continue reading

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We Need An Internet First Amendment NOW!

Let’s get the Hashtag: #InternetFirstAmendment trending! Today, Alex Jones’ InfoWars was removed from the social media platforms: Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple iTunes PodCasts. This is a major attack on the freedom of expression on today’s Internet. You don’t need … Continue reading

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Calculating the value of Phi aka the Golden Ratio in Perl

I was watching a video by 3blue1brown and decided to code up the Continued Fraction of “phi” aka “The Golden Ratio“. It’s pretty simple, it’s basically a recursive function (Here’s a link to the Mathematical Definition of a Recursion and the Programming … Continue reading

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Planning on NOT having Social Security and Having Personal Savings

Disclaimer Notice: None of this is financial advice, what is presented in this blog are simply observations, commentary on Social Security in the United States, and some basic math from the given data on Social Security taxes. You can calculate … Continue reading

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Updated Recipe for Success Pie

So about 6 years ago, during my Year-End Reviews of my Employees, I came up with this concept which I called “The Recipe for Success Pie.” It can really be shortened to “Recipe for Success” (please see the original “recipe” … Continue reading

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Wisdom is Real and Meaningful

Back in College, a humanities professor I had, postulated that Wisdom is meaningless, and there is an assumption that just because someone is older they are wise and someone who is younger and educated via the modern western education system … Continue reading

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Universities need to teach Freshman the Economic Prospects of their Majors

In this video I will discuss the need for Universities to teach a Zero Credit Required Course for All Freshman on Economic and Job Prospects related to each Major. The University was first created in Medievial Bolonga, in Italy. The University … Continue reading

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