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So, if you had your own t-shirt, what would your catch phrase say?

I recently participated in a company sponsored people strategy event, where I was part of a panel of leaders at various levels within my department. One of the questions posed to the Panel which we didn’t have an opportunity to … Continue reading

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The Evolution of RogueLogic Logos

This is actually a blog entry I posted on back in 2009: With the 10th anniversary of RogueLogic coming up, I thought it would be nice to quickly go over the evolution of the RogueLogic logos since the birth … Continue reading

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They Use Roguelogic

Back in 1997, US Robotics had a small banner advertisement on AOL for their 56K X2 modem, which I happened to own at the time, so I took a screen capture and cropped out just the logo. After many searches … Continue reading

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PASH – A Simple Unix SHell

What is it? Back in late 2004, I decided to finally write my own Unix SHell from scratch in the C Programming Language. One of the professors that taught Operating Systems at Polytechnic University back when I was an undergrad, actually … Continue reading

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