Universities need to teach Freshman the Economic Prospects of their Majors

In this video I will discuss the need for Universities to teach a Zero Credit Required Course for All Freshman on Economic and Job Prospects related to each Major.

The University was first created in Medievial Bolonga, in Italy. The University of Bologna founded in 1088 is the world’s oldest University having even coined the term “University”. The idea of creating well rounded educated individuals while a noble endeavor and one that I believe is still valid, needs to be put into context given the cost to obtain a undergraduate degree and our need for specialty in our advanced world economy.

There needs to be a better balance between the general humanities and the specialties of the sciences. In today’s world and probably for the foreseeable future a engineering or science degrees, including medicine will outpace the need for any liberal arts degree at least within the economy. Students should be explicitly told this and shown how each of the offered majors at a particular university relates to the job market predicted by the time they graduate and the broader economy itself.

This is why I believe like many universities including my own which had a “Student Life” or “Campus Life” zero credit required course for the first semester or all incoming freshman needs to give a zero credit required course to all freshman to give the students an unfiltered hard hitting view of the job prospects and economic reality of each major the university offers.

This way the students can make better decisions around majors they choose and whatever the do choose at least the have the foreknowledge of their future earning capabilities. Another possibility is to charge different tuition rates for different majors, perhaps higher for the sciences and less for the liberal arts.


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