How to Share your Starbucks Smart Phone Bar Code with your Significant Other

It’s pretty simple. Since the Bar Code is just a representation of your gift cards Serial Number, all you need to do is take a Screen Capture from your phone of the generated Starbucks Card Bar Code.

If you do not know how to take a screen capture with your particular smart phone, just google it. But here’s the iPhone instructions: Press the Home button and the Power/Sleep Button at the same time: Here’s a link: or this one on the Apple Forum:

Then you can email it to your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, or whoever else you want to use your card.

Screen Cap Like So (Obviously I removed the real bar code and numbers from this picture):


PLEASE NOTE: This does not fool the system into giving you free Starbucks! Nor was this an attempt to try to circumvent the system.

Also, DO NOT Send this to anyone who you do not want to use your Starbucks card and your money, treat this screen capture as if it was your real Starbucks card, because it is! Your balance will decrease each and every time someone scans the photo on their own smart phone at the Starbucks register.

Also, what’s cool about this method, is you do not need to share your password, and the person you share the photo with doesn’t even need the Starbucks App installed on their phone!

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– Robert C. Ilardi
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