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Master Map-Reduce Job – The One and Only ETL Map-Reduce Job you will ever have to write!

It’s fitting that my first article on Big Data would be titled the “Master Map-Reduce Job”. I believe it truly is the one and only Map-Reduce job you will every have to write, at least for ETL (Extract, Transform and … Continue reading

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Lightweight User Reference Object for Securing APIs

Back in 2005, I was face with developing a Secure Set of APIs that could run in multiple deployment configurations. At the time we were heavily developing EJB’s, specifically Stateless Session Beans. We were also starting to deploy SOAP based … Continue reading

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The Classic Producer – Consumer Problem

One of the main questions that my team ask potential candidates during technical interviews, is the Producer – Consumer Problem. We have found over the years that this problem is one of the main issues we have with potential new … Continue reading

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SFEMS – Stable, Flexible, Extensible, Maintainable, Scalable

For the last 8 years that I have been giving my architects, tech leads, and developers their yearly performance reviews, I have been using the acronym “SFEMS”. Arguably you can say I should just be telling my architects and maybe tech leads that … Continue reading

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PASH – A Simple Unix SHell

What is it? Back in late 2004, I decided to finally write my own Unix SHell from scratch in the C Programming Language. One of the professors that taught Operating Systems at Polytechnic University back when I was an undergrad, actually … Continue reading

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Do Nothing Standalone Daemon – A Template for Java Daemon Processes

Once again, as promised here’s my template for created Standalone Daemon Processes in Java. You need to actually combine this with the unix command nohup to actually have it run as a background daemon process, but it makes use of … Continue reading

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Do Nothing Standalone Process – A Template for Batch Jobs and Utility Commands

As promised, I’m sharing my template for how I want batch jobs and other standalone processes such as utility programs to be based on. This solves the problem I mentioned in my previous post “Helping your developers to maintain other … Continue reading

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The Non-Java Programmers Guide to Java

What is it? Back in 2008 right after Lehman Brothers went Bankrupt, I created this programming guide to help out some co-workers that were programmers but not Java programmers, learn Java to help with potential job searches. Just came across … Continue reading

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