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Project Thunderbolt – Robert’s Tesla Coil Project

=================================== Project Name: Thunderbolt Project Domain: High Voltage Physics =================================== Goal: To create a full scale Tesla Coil with that produces at least 6in sparks aka “artificial lightning”. Current Status: Project was a success, with a complete full scale, full … Continue reading

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Helping your developers to maintain other people’s code

What is so difficult about maintaining another developers code? How can you as a development manager or architect ensure that all developers on your team can maintain any other team member’s code? These are the two questions I want to … Continue reading

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Data Record Request Framework

In this post we will discuss a framework which I have designed and implemented which is used to store and manage “Request Data” separately from the golden source or actual database. The root concept and benefit of this, is that … Continue reading

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Windows verses Mac verses Linux? What do you use?

So I’m writing this quick little post from my favorite Starbucks, on my Mac Book Pro. Do you think I’m a Mac-preferred User? Well, Mac OS X is BSD (Unix) based, if you are a programmer you probably already know … Continue reading

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Adapter Factory Design Pattern

It is often the case where Enterprise Application require one or more Vendor based products to be integrated into the home grown system. While sometimes useful, there are many issues that arise from simply embedding a product into your code. … Continue reading

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How We Develop Software – Creating a New System/Application Platform

As follow up on my last post on “SDLC Methodology Styles”; in this article we are going to discuss my method of creating a Foundation Platform for the development of a new System or Application. It is my opinion that … Continue reading

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