They Use Roguelogic

Back in 1997, US Robotics had a small banner advertisement on AOL for their 56K X2 modem, which I happened to own at the time, so I took a screen capture and cropped out just the logo. After many searches using Google Image Search, I have yet to find anyone else to has a copy of this Image. Please let it be known that I do not own the Image below nor to I claim any ownership or any other rights to it. Instead I have posted it here for Internet Posterity.

Original US Robotics “They Use X2”


Check out US Robotics which as of 2013 still produces 56K modems!

Base on the implication which this image tries to portray, at least my interpretation, that Advanced Alien Civilizations use “X2” 56K technology, I created in Parody (Fair Use in Copyright Terms) my own version which Implies “Advanced Alien Civilizations use RogueLogic Technology!”, which I have done  for use as my Personal Instant Messaging Buddy Icons:

2013 RogueLogic Edition “They Use RogueLogic”:


Lastly: Check out the Evolution of the RogueLogic Logo

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– Robert C. Ilardi
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