So, if you had your own t-shirt, what would your catch phrase say?

I recently participated in a company sponsored people strategy event, where I was part of a panel of leaders at various levels within my department.

One of the questions posed to the Panel which we didn’t have an opportunity to answer was “So, if you had your own t-shirt, what would your catch phrase say?”

Unfortunately, we ran overtime and we did not have a chance to answer this question to the forum, so I figured I post my answer here and perhaps even send this link to my teams.

Being one for dramatic presentations, I actually brought in my own T-Shirt to the event, to hold up and show, that not only “would I” have a T-shirt that has my catch phrase, I actually DO have a T-Shirt with my “catch phrase” on it, and I wear it regularly. I also have a Polo Shirt with the RogueLogic logo on it!

It is a simply white T-Shirt with the RogueLogic Logo on it. RogueLogic as you might already know from reading my Blog, is own my personal web site as well as the web site for the Software Company I tried to start while in College.

Here is the actual T-Shirt:


So what does the “catch phrase” or really the moniker “RogueLogic” really mean?

Well back in 1999 when I was starting my own Software company, I was trying to come up with a name that represented the Revolutionary ideas my company was going to build products upon. I always thought of myself as someone that not only thinks out side of the box, but actually is a “Rogue” Thinker. Therefore RogueLogic was born! I also liked the fact that both my name “Robert” and “RogueLogic” starts with the same letter… evilgrin

How does this apply to me today in my professional career? And why would I choose to share this at a professional company sponsored discussion panel, that was video conferenced with over 1000 viewers around the globe? Well, because thinking so differently, that it way beyond “thinking outside of the box”, to the point where it’s Mad, Ludacris, any even “Rogue” is exactly how I achieve so much in my professional career in such a short time, and it is what I rely on to get me through the toughest software engineering problems my team and I face on a daily basis. It’s what separates us from the rest of the Wall Street Software Development Pack.

Check out the Evolution of the RogueLogic Logo… Or how about a little “They Use RogueLogic!”

Here’s me wearing my T-Shirt:


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– Robert C. Ilardi
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