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Hello and Welcome to EnterpriseProgrammer.com! My name is Robert Ilardi; I am an Director of Application Development in the Financial Services Industry in the New York City area. On my blog “Enterprise Programmer” I plan on publishing articles (hopefully on a weekly basis at first, and depending on feedback, perhaps eventually every couple of days) on all topics related to Enterprise Application Development and Architecture, with the aim of helping professional and aspiring software developers create and promote Stable, Scalable, Flexible, Extendible, and easily Maintainable solution for enterprises in all industries and sizes.

I plan on growing EnterpriseProgrammer.com organically, so please visit back often for new and updated articles. I also appreciate any feedback you may have on both the articles and the site itself. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and feedback…

Hopefully a long the way we’ll have some time for fun geeky articles on things like Tesla Coils and Chumby Hacker Boards… Until then here’s a picture of me next to my first Tesla Coil name “Thunderbolt”! Enjoy!

Robert and his "Thunderbolt" Tesla Coil

If you would like more information on my Tesla Coil, check out my Project Thunderbolt page on RogueLogic.com.

Just Another Stream of Random Bits…
– Robert C. Ilardi
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