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As a red blooded American Capitalist why read Karl Marx?

So some of you may be asking yourself why I have read Marx and why am I even willing to go see his statue while I’m in town in Berlin, the answer is simple: “Know thy self, know thy enemy. … Continue reading

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We Need An Internet First Amendment NOW!

Let’s get the Hashtag: #InternetFirstAmendment trending! Today, Alex Jones’ InfoWars was removed from the social media platforms: Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple iTunes PodCasts. This is a major attack on the freedom of expression on today’s Internet. You don’t need … Continue reading

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Universities need to teach Freshman the Economic Prospects of their Majors

In this video I will discuss the need for Universities to teach a Zero Credit Required Course for All Freshman on Economic and Job Prospects related to each Major. The University was first created in Medievial Bolonga, in Italy. The University … Continue reading

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High Performance Workspaces being blamed on the need to Attract Millenials by Corporations!

High Performance Workspaces really should be called High Density Workspaces. The idea is most corporation are trying to save money on real estate without caring about employee morale. Idea is: For every 10 employees only give 8 seats; no one … Continue reading

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Defining Sub-Generations of the Millennials (In preparation to discuss High Performance Workspaces)

I’m planning on doing a blog entry on “High Performance Workspaces” and how corporations are saying these are the types of work environments that attract Millennials. I personally highly dislike these so called “High Performance Workspaces”. But in preparation for … Continue reading

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