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As a red blooded American Capitalist why read Karl Marx?

So some of you may be asking yourself why I have read Marx and why am I even willing to go see his statue while I’m in town in Berlin, the answer is simple: “Know thy self, know thy enemy. … Continue reading

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We Need An Internet First Amendment NOW!

Let’s get the Hashtag: #InternetFirstAmendment trending! Today, Alex Jones’ InfoWars was removed from the social media platforms: Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple iTunes PodCasts. This is a major attack on the freedom of expression on today’s Internet. You don’t need … Continue reading

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Red Tide: Prologue

The Democrat Party in the United States around the year 2045 was in shambles; a mere shadow of its former self. After approximately 4 major US Senate Election Cycles and 7 US Presidential Election Cycles the Democratic Party only continued … Continue reading

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