What is Red Tide?

Red Tide is a Fictional Universe, I’m creating based on this premise: The year the main story starts in is 2045. Since the first election of Donald J. Trump, America as enjoyed a very strong economy with lower taxes and deregulation. For the more libertarian or “classical liberal” States within the Union, prosperity was clearly visible, while States especially on the two coasts that embraced a more Socialist attitude, economy and social decay advanced. Within the 29 years between 2016 and 2045, the Alt-Left has continued to become disenfranchised with the American System of Government, because although with all their work trying to gain political power by using our free elections, they only managed to gain a handful of seats in either of the Congressional Houses and they never put forth a viable candidate for the Presidency. So the Alt-Left turned more inward continuing to espouse their slogan they have used since 2016 that “The only Solution is Revolution”.

The Red Tide fictional universe is about how the Alt-Left destroyed the Democratic Party in the United States and follows their attempt to tear apart our great nation from within; attempting to replace our legitimate elected Government with a Communist Regime using subversive social tactics to rile up their small base of Socialist to lead a legion of made up of students and illegal migrants who have been brainwashed by the ever growing and dangerous group of Marxist Radicals within the Public K-12 Education System, the University System, and the Far-Left Leaning State Governments (Coastal Elites) within the United States.

This story is supposed to be controversial. It’s supposed to make you think. And my hope in the end is that it helps to establish a dialog on why Socialism in all it’s forms is inherently against our basic human rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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