Red Tide: Prologue

The Democrat Party in the United States around the year 2045 was in shambles; a mere shadow of its former self. After approximately 4 major US Senate Election Cycles and 7 US Presidential Election Cycles the Democratic Party only continued to fracture between what in 2018 was known as the Neo-Liberals and the “Alt-Left” (also known as the Far Left in certain circles). The DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) continued to gain traction among the Alt-Left but have not been able to gain more than a handful of seats in both houses of congress and never had a truly viable contender for the Presidency. However the Alt-Left on both coasts of the United States and a handful of other states where liberals, in overwhelming numbers have migrated to, brining their socialist ideas along with them, have becoming ever more disgruntled with their battle to try to wage a political war using the System. There have been cries by the Alt-Left since before President Donald J. Trump’s first election win in November 2016 that the “System” is too broken to fix from within, and protesters and the far-left have said the “Only Solution is Revolution”, and that call has grown only stronger in the past 29 years since that monumental election of 2016. While the policies President Trump, the Republicans, and those few Democrats that decided to break with party lines, reaching across the aisle joining the new Renaissance in America, creating a very powerful Economy for the American People. The picture was not as rosy for the rest of the world, and where ever Socialism gained power, those nations fell into Economic and Social decay. Still with all this proof, both at home and abroad, the Alt-Left ignored the prosperity they saw around them, especially in the more classically liberal and therefore libertarian States within the Union. The arrogance that the “Alt-Left” and all other socialists (coastal elites) “knew” what’s better for our country, and somehow the “corrupt” system of Capitalism, at least in their view was somehow keeping itself afloat by the top 5% of incoming earners pushing down on the “bottom” 95%. What started with a fight against the 1% by Occupy in 2011, slowly turned into the “other 98%” then into the fight against the 5%. Some of us knew this was to be inevitable, and the socialists try to push for a fight against the top 10% but face resistance at this level, but were able to sustain somewhat of a political battle against the top 5% in the United States, but starting and continuing to wage a Class War in the Alt-Left Strongholds like California and New York. While the country seemed united under economic prosperity, dissent, disdain, and even hatred continued to grow in these Socialist States, brought by a sense that Socialism will never take hold within the United States at a Federal Level. By 2045 this hatred from the Socialist States on the coasts for the Capitalist Libertarian States in the rest of the country reach a fever pitch. Movements like Calexit were coming up in political debates and major protests, sometimes violent, across all the States where Socialism took hold of their major cities; as it was only in the cities where lack of true freedom of the individual and instead Groupthink prevailed…

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